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Here are some great tips for hiding your guns in your home

It really is a shame that in in a country like America where owning firearms for personal defense and defense against the government is a God-given right enshrined in the Constitution, we have to dedicate entire web pages to how to properly hide them from gun-grabbers, including gun-grabbers within the federal government.

Sadly, this is now the reality of America 2018 – firearms are being portrayed as tools that cause nothing but carnage and destruction, and as a result, there are millions of people out there who would love nothing more than to rip your firearms away from you. After every mass shooting, the anti-gun crowd crawls out from under their rocks and begins recycling the same old, tired talking points – that we need “common sense” reform, and that “weapons of war” have no place in our country. More and more politicians seem to be jumping on the gun control bandwagon, and as such, the chances that the government could one day begin rounding up firearms is on the rise. (Related: A question for gun-grabbers – when the government comes for you and your loved ones, how will you stop them?)

If you’re prepping for the day when a team of federal agents knocks on your door requesting to search your home for guns, know that hiding them is going to take a bit more thought than simply buying a piece of furniture designed to conceal weapons inside of it. Chances are government search teams responsible for rounding up firearms will know about all of these hiding places, so you’re going to have to think outside the box.

  • Not many people will look up when searching your house for firearms, so you can most likely get away with hanging a rifle or a pistol above the door. Bob Rodgers of agrees, writing in a June 2016 article, “Somehow, it feels unnatural to look for items that are out of reach” and suggested that it would be a good idea to “hide a gun in a tree or rafters.”
  • Another possibility is to build a small storage box for your gun and install it into a closet wall. This too is not likely to be easily seen by a search team looking to confiscate your firearms.
  • If you have boxes in the attic, you can probably hide your gun at the bottom of one of them buried underneath some old baby clothes or toys.

When it comes to hiding your guns for personal defense, it’s a bit different in terms of what you can and can’t get away with. First of all, you should strongly consider getting in the habit of carrying your firearm on you inside of your home, even if it makes you a bit uncomfortable at first. The reason for this is because it will give you the best chance at surviving a break-in, as opposed to if your gun was in your nightstand or hanging up inside a closet, for example. If you are watching television one evening in your living room and someone smashes through one of your windows, the likelihood that you’re going to have time to get to your gun before being attacked is very slim – that is, of course, unless you have it on you already.

Contrary to when you’re trying to hide your firearms from federal agents, using furniture that is specifically designed to conceal weapons is great for home defense. Some of these furnishings include:

  • Picture frames that hinge open with a space inside of the wall to hide a pistol.
  • Coffee tables with tops that can be opened, revealing a place specifically fitted for firearms.
  • Shelves used to store miscellaneous items that have hinged tops to hide firearms inside of.

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