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5 reasons why a revolver might be a better choice than an automatic pistol

There’s no denying the fact that nine times out of ten, auto pistols are the best types of firearms when it comes to defensive shooting. Not only are they reliable and well-made, but auto pistols are typically more accurate than other kinds of handguns as well. That being said, however, there are some advantages that come along with choosing a revolver instead of an auto pistol that are definitely worth considering. Here are five times when a revolver is better than an auto pistol, courtesy of

1) Lack of Training 

If you are new to shooting firearms and are looking for a gun that doesn’t take very much skill to shoot, then it might be wise to choose a revolver instead of an auto pistol. As long as your revolver is loaded, all that you have to do in an emergency situation is point, aim and shoot. In addition, wielding a revolver makes it a lot less likely that the gun will malfunction, which could mean the difference between life and death in the event that you encounter somebody seeking to do you harm. If lack of training is something that you are concerned about when selecting a firearm, then a revolver might be a good choice. (Related: A mom used a revolver to save her two children from a violent home intruder.)

2) Physical Impairments 

As explained by, “Sometimes people struggle badly or just don’t have the strength, due to age or some medical condition, to effectively chamber a round. In that case, not only is it impossible for them to chamber a round, but also to clear any malfunctions. Revolvers don’t have this problem.” Therefore, if you believe that physical impairments may be problematic and get in the way of you effectively defending yourself against an attacker, choose a revolver. (Related: A rampaging knife murder at a Minnesota mall was stopped by a good guy with a gun.)

3) Long-term Storage

As noted by Gun Vault, there are three key reasons as to why long term gun storage is important: (1) for protecting your family and keeping your firearms out of reach from small children, (2) protecting your guns and keeping them nice and, (3) keeping them hidden from thieves but accessible in the event of a break-in. What makes a revolver so great as opposed to an auto pistol when it comes to long-term storage is that revolvers are generally more durable and have fewer parts that can easily malfunction. Therefore, if you plan on getting a firearm that will be stored away from an extended period of time, a revolver should be strongly considered.

4) Hunting/Outdoor Activities

Due to the fact that revolvers come in bigger and more powerful calibers, it makes them ideal for hunting, or at least more ideal than auto pistols. Additionally, revolvers are a good choice for when you need different kinds of reloads. A .357 magnum, for instance, can shoot hot magnums for personal self defense or very light .38 special for smaller game like squirrels and rabbits. Notably, revolvers don’t eject an empty case, which is something that hunters and non-hunters alike appreciate.

5) .22LR and SHTF Ammo explains that “when it comes to .22LR, the problem is that it’s not always as reliable as we wish it was. Especially the cheaper ammo bought in bulk, you sometimes get a dud, under-powered loads or a round that takes a few strikes to fire. In an auto pistol this means clearing a failure. The light recoil means frequent failure to eject or stovepipes, which also have to be cleared.” For this reason, revolvers make an excellent choice if you’re looking a .22LR handgun that you need to rely upon when you go to pull the trigger in an emergency situation.

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