Banning of “assault weapons” by liberal cities practically guarantees Democrats LOSE the coming civil war

Left-wing Democrats all over the country who run cities and other local jurisdictions are doing everything they can to ensure the people they govern are going to be as vulnerable as possible should the civil society break down and various political factions engage in open warfare sometime in the near future.

Because unfortunately, for all the world, it sure looks like our country is headed in that direction. 

But people living under liberal rule will be at a distinct disadvantage, tactically speaking, because they’re being stripped of some of the most potent firearms used for self-defense.

As reported by Ammoland, the Cook County (Illinois) Sheriff’s Office, whose jurisdiction includes Chicago, will begin enforcing an “assault weapons” ban in the nearby village of Northbrook after the city council there voted in May to approve a range of new gun control ordinances (by the way, “gun control” is exactly the right term; authoritarians like Democrats always seek to ‘control’ things, be they guns, health care, vaccinations, or any other aspect of our lives).

The site noted further: 

These ordinances included the banning of the sale and possession of bump stocks and enforcing the Cook County “assault weapons” ban. The so-called assault weapons ban would ban the sale and possession of semi-automatic rifles that can use magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

During the same meeting, the board also passed a law that banned citizens from carrying concealed weapons into any establishment that holds a liquor license (more control!) even if the citizen was not consuming any alcoholic beverages. That means it will become nearly impossible for residents to go out for an evening meal while still remaining armed. (Related: Nuclear war or civil war: The big cities will become cauldrons of violence and death – but you CAN survive.)

“The laws of Cook County are fully applicable within a home rule unit located within Cook County unless the home rule municipality adopts an ordinance conflicting with the county ordinance thus opting out of the applicability of the county ordinance,” said Northbrook Village attorney Steve Elrod, explaining that the county could enforce the ordinances even though they conflict with state laws.

If you’re disarmed you’re likely to be killed first

Pro-gun residents of the city attempted to convince city council members their laws would make people more vulnerable to crime, not less so, but they’re Democrats so those arguments go in one ear and out the other.

What wasn’t said, in all likelihood — but was probably in the back of at least some residents’ minds — is that they will be less able to defend themselves should armed conflict break out between various political (and even racial) factions in our country.

No one wants to think about a civil conflict in America, especially one that could be as devastating to our country as the Syrian civil war (which has left that Middle East country in a shambles that will take decades to rebuild).

But the fact is, political violence is on the rise in our country. That’s anything from making a threat to physical acts, including protests and actual attacks.

As noted by Economic Noise, America is no different than any other country in that, given the right conditions, we, too, are prone to violence and revolution. In fact, one could argue we’re already engaged in a civil conflict that nearly resulted in loss of life. About a year ago, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., lie bleeding on a small baseball field in northern Virginia after he was nearly assassinated by a crazed Left-wing supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.

Even POTUS Trump and his family are getting physical threats — unheard of since the first Civil War.

The conditions for open warfare in America are nearly ripe, and citizens who live in jurisdictions where authoritarian politicians (Democrats, mostly) are making it impossible to adequately defend themselves are going to be at a deadly disadvantage.

Something for you folks to think about now rather than later.

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J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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