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IQ-challenged “Hogg” activists protest Publix grocery stores over political donations, but not for selling toxic GMOs and glyphosate-contaminated foods

Crisis actor David Hogg of gun control fame is back in the news, this time for staging a “die-in” at two Publix grocery stores in the Florida town of Parkland, where the alleged Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting took place back on Valentine’s Day.

Hogg and his army of Hogg activists reportedly entered the two stores at 4pm on the Friday before Memorial Day, where they proceeded to lie down on the floor for 12 minutes holding their smartphones, flowers and megaphones. These mindless robots proceeded to scream and shout about gun control, as shoppers were blocked from traversing the store aisles to purchase food.

This latest act of petulant liberalism stems from the Publix grocery chain’s ongoing support of Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, who currently serves as the state’s agricultural commissioner. Publix has reportedly contributed roughly $670,000 to Putnam over the past three years, knowing full well that he is a vehement supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Triggered in response to learning about this fact, Hogg immediately took to Twitter to rally the troops in support of his latest anti-gun endeavor: a mass “die-in” at Publix grocery stores to oppose the chain’s choices in political contributions.

“@Publix is a #NRASellOut,” Hogg declared on his Twitter page back on May 23. “In Parkland we will have a die in the Friday (the 25th) before memorial day weekend. Starting at 4pm for 12 min inside our 2 Publix stores. Just go an lie down starting at 4. Feel free to die in with us at as many other @Publix as possible,” Hogg added – all of the extra spaces and grammatical errors copied verbatim from Hogg’s apparently hastily published tweet.

This tweet riled up many other anti-gun drones who joined Hogg for this ridiculous little stunt, which Publix decided to allow rather than nip in the bud. The grocery chain also folded like a cheap suit to Hogg’s demands, issuing a statement in the aftermath of the incident explaining that the company has decided to “suspend corporate-funded political contributions as we reevaluate our giving processes.” (Related: Publix grocery stores ban Latin words on birthday cakes because staffers think Latin words are profanity.)

Why isn’t anyone calling Publix out for funding anti-cannabis efforts and selling toxic GMOs?

This spineless capitulation to Leftist crybaby behavior by Publix says a lot about this Florida-based company. But it also says a lot about the disturbing trajectory of the Left, which is more concerned about trying to eliminate the Second Amendment rights of Americans than with holding Publix accountable for the truly deplorable things it’s done in recent years.

For one, Publix has directly interfered with the democratic process in Florida, where voters overwhelmingly decided back in 2016 that they wanted legal access to medical cannabis. Publix contributed a cool $800,000 to anti-legalization propaganda that has effectively blocked this law from coming into full effect, depriving sick Floridians of much-needed natural medicine.

Publix also continues to sell all sorts of genetically-modified (GM) garbage on its store shelves – unlabeled, of course – that science has proven are detrimental to human health. In other words, as Publix strives to maintain a wholesome, down-to-earth image that resonates with conservatives, the company is poisoning its customers with fake food, not to mention all the toxic pharmaceuticals it peddles at its in-store pharmacies.

These are among the issues that are actually worth protesting when it comes to holding Publix accountable for decisions that harm and kill people. But instead, the Hogg patrol is more concerned with continuing its assault on law-abiding gun owners – with its whiny, pencil-necked leader forging the way.

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