Teenage boy in New Zealand faces 14 years in prison for sharing mosque shooting video online

Free speech is dead in New Zealand, where an 18-year-old boy is now facing up to 14 years in prison for the “crime” of sharing video footage from the recent mass shooting that took place at two Muslim mosques in Christchurch on social media.

The teenager in question recently appeared in Christchurch District Court, where he was charged for re-posting the livestream video online for his friends and followers to see – an act that’s apparently now “illegal” in the new Islamic caliphate of New Zealand.

District Court Judge Stephen O’Driscoll ruled that the young boy “incited violence” when he also shared a photograph of the Al Noor mosque with the caption, “target acquired.”

Judge O’Driscoll not only denied the boy’s bail, but has also ordered him to appear back in court on April 14, where he could spend the rest of his young adult life behind bars for exercising his right to free speech.

Brighteon.com forced by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to remove all footage of New Zealand shooting in mass censorship sweep

In the immediate aftermath of this latest false flag incident down under, which is clearly being used as a catalyst for Leftists to go after the Second Amendment here in the United States, Natural News was able to attain the video footage in question and post it to Brighteon.com.

That footage has since had to be removed, however, after the site’s upstream infrastructure provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), threatened to shut the site down completely.

“We anticipated this exact scenario many months ago, and we have been feverishly building alternative internal infrastructure to eliminate any dependencies on upstream infrastructure providers, to the extent that such a configuration is possible,” wrote Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in a late-night update after he received the news.

“However, we are still several months away from completion of that build out phase. Sadly, over the next few hours we are being forced – essential ‘at gunpoint’ (the irony being completely lost of the fascists who now control the ‘net) – to delete all videos containing footage of the New Zealand shooting.”

Natural News also saw hyperlinks to the alleged shooter’s manifesto, which contains all sorts of contradictory and potentially “trolling” language, similarly go dead after platforms all across the web were threatened under similar duress tactics.

What we’re seeing here is mass censorship taking place at the hands of Big Tech, which has gone completely rogue in favor of Big Brother like something out of the novel 1984.

Never before have things been this bad, at least in the U.S., as both mainstream media and mainstream social media are seizing total control over the narrative associated with the New Zealand massacre, which is now being used as yet another excuse to squelch not just the First Amendment, but also the Second.

“Make no mistake: We are facing extreme online fascism, censorship and authoritarian speech police who are exploiting the New Zealand operation to roll out a totalitarian police state across the ‘net,” warns Adams.

“The excuse we are being given is that hosting or sharing the videos is ‘promoting violence – an absurd claim on its face. If videos that depict violence are so harmful to the public, then why did the entire mainstream media play the 9/11 twin towers attack videos a million times over, burning the imagery into the minds of the American people? In that attack, over 3,500 Americans died, yet no one claimed that showing the video was promoting violence.”

For more news about how this whole New Zealand shooting incident is being used to stifle free speech and impose a global, gun-free police state, be sure to check out PoliticalCorrectness.news and FalseFlag.news.

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